Back to natural

When it comes to decoration, the secret may lie in the side of the most famous British dandy, George Brummel, who said “True elegance is not to be noticed”. Do not overdo it is undeniably one of the leading trends of the moment, as shown by the great return of natural materials, which bring a discreet touch, an authentic return of natural materials, which bring a discreet, authentic and sometimes even exotic touch. in our homes. It’s not Meghan Markle, wife of colonial-style lover Prince Harry, who will say otherwise. His ex-villa in Los Angeles is thus a magnificent source of inspiration. Moreover, it is this alliance between a “natural” style and noble materials, such as teak and acacia, but also rope and cane that is winning over outdoor furniture manufacturers this year. Enough to give our garden and terrace an original and authentic character.

Chic and elegance are also the watchwords of designers who design exceptional objects. Thus, Sacha Walckhoff imagined with the legendary Portuguese manufacture Vista Alegre, a true reference in the manufacture of high-end crystal and porcelain, a collection of unique pieces transforming horses into decorative vases or unique centerpieces. For her part, Deirdre Dyson, painter and textile designer, has managed to recreate the reflections of glass using exclusively Tibetan wool and Chinese silk of the highest quality.

Our interiors are increasingly a field of expression for renowned designers: stylist Chantal Thomass has created a collection of ceramics in collaboration with the famous Italian manufacture Rometti; the designer Marie-Lise Féry has captured the magic for her haute-couture Murano glass lighting from the house of Venini. By sharing their imagination, these artists open the doors to their universe. And it is to Sacha Guitry, another famous dandy, this one French, that the conclusion comes: “Luxury is about money. Elegance is about education “.

Managing Editor