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When you can't change the world, you have to change the scenery ”. This sentence by novelist Daniel Pennac may seem to express renunciation, but it is also a sign of hope. Changing the setting means taking a fresh look at things, bringing your life into harmony with your values, giving shape to your desires. It can be radical, a long trip, a move, a departure… but we can also understand this idea in the literal sense. Changing our daily environment, our place of life can be the start of a real transformation. Receiving friends more often, fostering moments of discussion with family ... And to implement a change of scenery, taking ideas from others is an excellent way. It is obviously not about trying to reproduce identically - and not always with the same means - what the professionals have achieved, but rather to seize the essence ... to be inspired.

This inspiration can be found in tradition. When you live in a Provencal property, a Tuscan villa or a Gironde house, adopting the local style is sometimes obvious. Finding regional materials and furniture, and reconciling this authenticity with the most modern comfort is not always easy. But the result can be astounding. Sometimes, on the other hand, the rupture, the “disruption” to use a term popularized by digital entrepreneurs, a nod to this start-up whose Berlin apartment gives ideas, is essential when we transform a professional room into a dwelling. All these original ideas will help you to think of this house which will really suit you, and which your friends can in turn be inspired by, asking themselves: "But where did they go to get all this? "

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