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VIVADÉCO. Style and meaning n° 26

Such a subtle alchemy

What is it that makes certain interiors seduce us, to the point that we feel at ease there, that we easily imagine ourselves living there, that we want to know the occupants whose personality seems attractive to us? There is obviously the harmony of colors, the subtlety of the materials, the line of furniture, the intelligence of the layout, the optimization of space… These are all essential elements but which, however, are not enough. Conversely, we have all come across a house or an apartment with seemingly impeccable furnishings but whose perfection left us totally unmoved.

Perhaps the key to success is Ukrainian interior designer Nataly Bolshakova: « Today, living between “beautiful walls” is not enough. It is still necessary to give meaning to the layout and decoration, incorporating what matters to you ». In the family home that she has redesigned and that we present to you in this issue, she combines classic furniture, unique designer pieces and works of art. A daring approach, always on the cutting edge, but the result of which convinces without restrictions. We find this same desire “not to repeat ourselves” in the Italian designerAndrea Auletta. « I don’t have a specific style because, for me, each project is a new story to tell », he asserts.

This is the most important point. It is not a question of arranging “an” interior, but “its” interior. The one where we will live every day, where we must feel good, happy, in harmony with who we are, our values, our past history and our future dreams. For this, while there are naturally rules to be followed, most often pure common sense, there is no universal dogma. Of course, trends inspire us. But be careful not to confuse “style” with “fashion” as Coco Chanel repeated. For her, « The most beautiful color in the world is the one that suits you !». A concept to be applied also in decoration.

Managing Editor